About me professionally

I have been in the exciting industry of Communication and Collaboration for the past 10 years helping customers achieve their communication goals. I have seen the industry evolve rapidly as organisations adapt to workplaces becoming more dynamic and hybrid working becomes the norm.

For my Bsc (Hons) degree dissertation I had the opportunity look at the effects of collaboration and how this technology can empower all parts of a business. This has proved to be especially true recently as many businesses had to look at new ways to communicate with customers and their employees.

I look forward to helping our customers create the modern workplace and providing the technology needed to make these changes a reality.

About me personally

I’m a self-confessed coffee connoisseur and you can find me grinding my own beans in the cafeteria. I love photography and travelling to new places. My favourite place is Banff in Canada.

Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS)

AVaaS is a quick and easy way to acquire audio visual and collaboration hardware and services through an easy to manage, scalable subscription. This enables organisations to optimise budgets, whilst equipping their workspaces with the latest technology for a new working culture.


Our Quickfire room solutions provide scalable workplace technology for agile communication and collaboration. Simple to procure, fast to install, easy to use and a breeze to support.

Immersive spaces

With our highly immersive meeting, MDT, emergency management and collaboration rooms, organisations become highly focused and can interact with their content like never before.

Vantage AV remote monitioring

Meeting, collaboration, and video conferencing facilities all play a significant role in the day-to-day operations of most organisations – they are the workhorse of modern business. But if these systems fail, they are a major frustration to users, adversely affecting business performance. Vantage AV remote monitoring significantly removes the risk of failure – providing reassurance 24/7.


Visavvi are award-winning AV integrators leading in the global world of audio visual and business communications. We harness technology to create intuitive and agile meeting and collaboration environments through our extensive range of AV services.

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