We are passionate. As brand leaders, we like to push boundaries and make sure that we harness the full potential of the amazing technology at our disposal. Visavvi is a team of experts, so naturally we enjoy using our skills to create progress – for each other and for our clients.

We like to be inspiring, and the quality of driving positive change flows naturally from our passion. At Visavvi, we inspire each other to problem-solve, to think innovatively and to deliver beyond expectations. Business challenges are there to be shared and overcome together.

We are committed –we go the extra mile. Dedication is a prerequisite at Visavvi – it’s helped build our reputation and is part of our DNA. The strong relationships we’ve talked about are defined by commitment. Taking pride in a job well done might not be the most original phrase, but it serves us well and is embedded within our culture.


We’re straightforward, open and honest people. We are clear about our task; which is to unlock business benefits from collaborative communication. With innovation moving at such a rapid pace, and different technologies coming and going, we see our true value as being a constant, trusted ally for our clients.

Sharing knowledge and insight helps with this, so the Visavvi team has a very cooperative approach. We’re collaborative and supportive by nature, and have a strong belief in teamwork. Ours is a stimulating culture of course – we are working in one of the world’s most dynamic and fast paced sectors. But we like to keep our feet on the ground, care for each other and our clients, and stay focused on delivery.

Social responsibility

We pride ourselves on team welfare and our commitment to social and corporate responsibility. Charitable initiatives happen regularly, from sponsored sporting challenges close to the heart of individuals to collective group activities and donations to charities. We have close ties with schools and colleges in our community. It is a big step to move from education to employment, so we ensure placements, apprenticeships and mentoring are provided in a caring, responsible and professional way.

We have procedures to minimise our environmental impact. As an active and responsible participant in the WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), we dispose of materials legally and responsibly. We have an established recycling policy and ensure colleagues can easily recycle everything from envelopes to disused technology. This extends to clients, when we recycle packaging from their new equipment and dispose of their old hardware safely.

We structure client support so that engineers travel the shortest possible distances. We have reduced this travel time dramatically in recent years. We use public transport for longer journeys when possible, and we were the first company in our sector to be awarded Go Ultra Low Company status for our switch to electric and hybrid vehicles.

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