The challenge for global AV

Continued international growth is driven by our client’s desire to ensure that their strategy and vision for global workplace transformation is realised in partnership with someone they trust to deliver.

A key challenge for global business is the need to remove localised and fragmented delivery of workplace technology, providing a greater understanding and appreciation of the power of natural collaboration aided by technology.

We are trusted globally by our clients, the manufacturers we represent and our partners. As industry leaders, our skill base is comprehensive and deep. We possess extensive, strategic and technical expertise, combined with proven project delivery skills, and driven by a passion to exceed expectations that nurture solid and trusted relationships with everyone we work with.


There are several different factors that prevent many businesses from standardising their AV equipment. The main reason is that while businesses often attempt to specify standards, they then work with several different integrators across a global rollout because they can’t find a single integrator to take care of every territory. 

The meeting room UX must be consistent and positive, with a need for meeting room technology to be standardised across different regions and time zones. Yet the audio visual systems that integrators of different nations often specify and support, differs between territories, often compounded by a lack of a strategic overview of client objectives.

Visavvi, an SCC business, delivers that vital global reach that only a few integrators can achieve. Our team of award-winning specialists are highly experienced in delivering collaboration solutions that meet business demands and consistently scale across multiple sites worldwide.  

Benefiting from potent partnerships with industry-leading global manufacturers like Microsoft, Polycom, Cisco, Crestron, AMX and NEC, our specialist formula ensures consistent reliability and the highest standards of professinal AV installation with ongoing support across territories.


The PSNI Global Alliance network serves as a global source for workplace technology, unified communications and collaboration solutions. Working with global partners offers access to a passionate collective of the industry’s most technically gifted and thought-provoking professionals, committed to delivering true innovation and business benefits for our clients.

We are inspired and committed to adopting the same protocols and procedures across the globe, to deliver an unrivalled, compliant and consistent experience.  

Visavvi are synonymous with progression and leadership. With the audio visual industry constantly changing beyond recognition, working alongside PSNI partners allows us to drive a new focus on a client-centric marketplace.

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