Desk occupancy solutions

Facility users can reserve desks via their own personal device ahead of visiting the workplace. Each desk’s physical and technical configuration can be detailed on the system thereby allowing users to search and reserve specific locations based on their individual needs. Once people arrive at their workspace the LED status is displayed via a desk puc or monitor hook. Green available, orange about to be occupied, red occupied, purple needs cleaning.

Solutions can even provide direct visibility via an interactive real-time map of an entire organisation’s workspaces. Using traffic light style colour codes, it makes it easy for facility managers and users to view workspace utilisation and choose a location based on low usage.

Analytics and tracking

Desk space within the office is set to become premium real estate which can’t afford to be left unattended. Desk occupancy sensors discreetly installed beneath each desk can quickly in real-time provide analysis of utilisation and free up resources when booking participants don’t turn up.

A major benefit of some of these solutions is the analysis and historic tracking of who has previously used a space, thereby making it possible to quickly contact and communicate with individuals if the need arises.

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