AV as a Service

AV as a Service from Visavvi makes it simple, quick and easy for organisations to access audio visual and collaboration technologies and services through subscription rather than capital purchases. This enables organisations to optimise budgets, whilst gaining access to the very latest technology.

Desk management systems

 In a world of hybrid working, with large proportions of the workforce looking for more workplace flexibility, organisations need to manage office occupancy and efficiency levels to maximise their return on investment.

Meeting room booking systems

Meeting room booking systems have been available for some time, however with many organisations now adopting hybrid working patterns, the efficient management of meeting spaces is a key business challenge.

Digital signage and wayfinding

Navigating large or unfamiliar spaces with no clear directions can lead to frustrating and negative experiences. Digital wayfinding signage helps organisations support the flow of people whilst benefitting from reduced traffic, increased data collection and higher levels of engagement.

Video conferencing & collaboration solutions

With hybrid working an essential feature of the modern workplace the ability to collaborate face to face with colleagues either in person or virtually is paramount to team collaboration. Flexible and ingenious professional systems for meeting rooms, home offices or mobile are key to meeting the video conferencing and collaboration needs of organisations today.

Meeting and conference room AV solutions

Visavvi is trusted by leading UK and global brands to design and install meeting and collaboration rooms with the AV technology that inspires action and progressive thinking.

Cloud services

A cloud service is a resource or application located offsite and can be anything from an externally hosted corporate data store to a full-scale communication and collaboration environment. We’re always on hand to guide, advise and help organisations to maximise the undoubted power of the cloud. 

Networked AV

Visavvi pioneered early adoption of networked AV and we remain experts in the field, applying it in powerful ways that bring tangible operational benefits to our clients.

Lecture theatre AV systems

Lecture theatres are the beating heart of any university – and more and more leading institutions are relying on Visavvi to bring their learning environments to life. With specialist design and the installation of the latest AV systems, today’s lecture theatres are inspiring spaces, designed for a new and highly collaborative way of learning.

Microsoft Teams Room systems

Today, meetings are just as likely to be held online as they are in-person. Microsoft Teams Rooms have transformed business communication through feature rich, video enabled technology designed to bring the power of Microsoft to the meeting room.

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