Logitech Rally Plus

Large meeting rooms

Cinema-quality video, outstanding colour, exceptional optical accuracy combined with AI driven figure detection and automated PTZ, the Rally Plus keeps the camera focused on the action for dynamic meetings. Sound is next level with ultra-low distortion speakers delivering room-filling sound and exquisitely sensitive mic pods ensure that every voice is clearly heard.

Multiple mic pods expand the conversation across even the biggest of meeting rooms to accommodate larger group calls – whilst convenient access to individual mute buttons keep control of the chatter. Think premium modular video conferencing for premium meetings.

Logitech Rally Bar

Medium meeting rooms

The Logitech Rally Bar delivers a powerful all-in-one video conferencing experience. Featuring stunning optics, automated PTZ camera tracking and high-performance, low distortion audio – video meetings can be just as natural and productive as face-to-face collaboration.

Like its little brother, the Mini; it’s incredibly simple to use, manage, and deploy at scale – delivering crystal clear video and audio in a slick, all-in-one device. Plug and play the Rally Bar with virtually any PC or Mac, or leverage the built-in computer to run video conferencing applications directly on the device. Add in expansion mics and deliver quality meetings for larger groups and settings.

Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Small meeting rooms

Incredibly simple to implement and manage – this stylish all-in-one video bar is everything you need for professional video calls. 4K camera, speaker and microphone and all in the quality expected of Logitech. The camera automatically tracks moving participants thanks to the AI Viewfinder, which recognises individuals and ensures that everyone remains in the frame with panning, tilting and zooming.

The single USB connection makes for easy direct connection from the users’ laptop whilst Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams* license owners can dial into meetings without cables to make meetings even easier (*under development).

Logitech BRIO


Step up to the world’s most technologically advanced webcam and get professional-quality video conferencing, streaming, or recording. Logitech BRIO is packed with features that produce stunning video in any environment. The premier 4K ultra-high-definition camera offers 5x digital zoom, high frame rates, outstanding low-light performance, HDR, and RightLight™ 3.

In the era of flexible working, it’s never been more important to empower workers with the technology that will enable them to present a professional image and integrate seamlessly into a larger meeting estate – regardless of where they choose to work from.

Logitech Tap room solutions

Touch control for the workplace

Video conferencing room solutions with Logitech Tap deliver one-touch join, calendar integration, instant content sharing and always-on readiness. Pre-configured with room-optimized software from Google, Microsoft, or Zoom, Logitech Room Solutions include all necessary components: tap touch controller, Logitech conference camera, commercial-grade cabling, and a mini PC or built-in compute.

With a sleek styling designed for a clutter-free environment, silent operation and motion sensor for always-on readiness, Tap brings ease and convenience to online meetings.

Logitech Sync

Remote management at scale

Logitech Sync makes it easy to support large-scale video deployments while minimising site visits and IT tickets – all from a simple browser-based interface. A fresh approach to remote monitoring and device management, this device simplifies tasks like firmware updates and feature enablement – while an API and forward-looking architecture establish a robust foundation for new insights and integrations.

Sync is secure and fully scalable no matter the size of your estate and the number of devices – keep your meeting rooms online 24/7.

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