Professional-grade video conferencing

As standard, most video conferencing systems have been provided with a high definition camera that is controlled via a remote or touch screen interface. These control devices are then used to manipulate the camera to focus attention on various presenters/speakers during the call.

Increasingly there are many intelligent smart camera solutions now available from premium brands such as Poly and Logitech. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI) these new AV technologies expand the video meeting experience to new levels with auto speaker selection and auto framing for solo and group discussions. Enhanced with powerful digital audio processing that removes background noise and room reverberation, meetings have never looked or sounded as good.

Introducing an upgrade as simple as this can significantly enhance the on-line video meeting UX driving higher engagement and increased productivity.


While the choice doesn’t look that complex, when you consider the hundreds of devices available it can become overwhelming. The scale of options can actually prevent some organisations deploying solutions. Too worried about making the wrong decision, they inadvertently make no-decision.

Selecting the right device is dependent on many factors, far too many to detail here, but in every case, key decisions are based on the physical environment where it is to be used and the communication platform used. Again, there are choices made to ensure deployment of a solution that is fit for purpose such as, screen size, microphone placement, input devices, room acoustic, echo cancellation treatments, and lighting considerations.

With Visavvi’s deep expertise guiding you along the way you can have confidence about the choices you make.

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