Our Skills

Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace and the reliance on business-critical technology in collaborative environments is rapidly increasing. The skill set of the people providing and supporting these technologies has never been more critical.

Leading technology partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom, AMX, Crestron, to name just a few, have awarded us the very highest levels of accreditation possible based on our ability to deploy and maintain their technology.

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Policies and accreditations

Our commitment in this crucial area is reflected in a comprehensive set of industry accreditations, covering health and safety, quality and process, the environment, and the integrity of digitally-held information. We supplement these with membership to all of the relevant and leading industry associations.

Technology partners

We successfully deliver the most complex and inventive of projects on behalf of global businesses. To do this we have built extensive and deep relationships with globally renowned, award winning manufacturers. Designed and installed by our highly trained and qualified consultants, our solutions go beyond expectation.

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AV as a service

AVaaS from Visavvi makes it simple, quick and easy for organisations to access audio visual and collaboration technologies and services through subscription rather than capital purchases. This enables organisations to optimise budgets whilst gaining access to the very latest technology.

PSNI Certified Solutions Provider

As a key member of the PSNI Global Alliance, Visavvi have access to an additional 188 global offices across 49 countries, providing unequalled capabilities to our clients. Wherever there is a need for audio visual, communication and collaboration technology, Visavvi are here to help.

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