24/7 real-time AV monitoring

Vantage is a subscription-based service providing organisations with intelligent 24/7 remote monitoring of workplace technology, monitoring every aspect of your AV environment. Our engineers will always be the first to know if, and when something goes wrong, swiftly resolving the issue to minimise disruption.

Remote resolution

Remotely and securely accessing your AV facilities via Vantage allows our engineers to resolve any issues without making a physical visit to your site. This substantially increases immediate fault resolution, dramatically reducing system downtime.

Of course, if an issue is discovered which can not be resolved remotely, an onsite AV service and maintenance engineer visit will be promptly arranged. When on-site, you can rest assured that our engineers will have everything they need to get your facility fully operational with maximum efficiency.

Proactive support anywhere and at any scale

By remotely monitoring and upgrading software versions, Vantage will keep your technology running at optimal performance, whilst regular diagnostic checks will flag potential issues for resolution by our team before they could ever become visible to the user.

There are no geographical limitations or size of estate we can’t service. From a single room to organisation-wide, across continents or just in the UK – Vantage from Visavvi will have an immediate impact on reliability, providing fully functional collaboration facilities, day after day.


Vantage prioritises data security providing a robustly secure platform for your networked device data. Our meticulous design safeguards your information, giving you peace of mind as you manage your AV equipment.

Gateway security, a critical component of our system, is provided as a secure appliance. This appliance is designed with security in mind, ensuring a trusted platform for data transmission.

Compliance assurance is a cornerstone at Vantage we adhere to relevant regulations and standards, ensuring our services meet industry best practices and legal requirements. With Vantage, you’re choosing a platform that values and prioritizes compliance.

Seamless Integrations

Boost your device management capabilities with Vantage’s seamless integrations. We connect effortlessly with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Poly Lens, allowing for enhanced data collection and device health monitoring. These integrations not only enrich your Vantage experience but also streamline your processes, ensuring you have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Vantage factsheet

Learn more about how Vantage can help to keep your critical AV assets online, 24/7

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