Our lecture theatres are sophisticated, yet intuitive. They enable remote learning and teaching, inviting far-flung attendees to become active participants, extending their global reach and expanding capacity. With high levels of interactive audience participation, students can participate from their own device, promoting collaborative learning experiences, mirroring the modern way of working.  

Every institution has a different vision, and a very particular application and set of needs. Our first task is to get under the skin of these, so that we can draw on our unrivalled experience and knowledge to shape the most appropriate solutions. Then it’s a case of applying our skills in AV system designAV installation and ongoing audio visual service and maintenance support.

The universities of Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh and Exeter are all synonymous with academic excellence. They, along with many other universities, have put their trust in Visavvi. We’ve repaid that with intuitive, inventive, exciting and highly-stable teaching and learning environments.

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