What is Digital Wayfinding Signage?

Used strategically throughout hospitals, universities, airports and large corporate and public facilities, digital wayfinding signage is the perfect intuitive solution to help users orient themselves, quickly find what they’re looking for, and plan out their routes, dramatically improving efficiency and safety whilst positively heightening the user experience.

Implementing digital wayfinding signage in key traffic areas around a building ensures people are directed via defined routes. These can be preset or modified dynamically to maximise traffic flow during peak periods such as arrival/departure or break times, allowing organisations a much more flexible and agile approach to flow management.

The benefits

1. Sustainability

Digital wayfinding signage offers an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to repeatedly having to create and distribute and then replace printed signage and information.

2. Easy Navigation

The most crucial benefit to digital wayfinding signage is that it creates an engaging easy to use, interactive solution for users when it comes to finding where they need to go.

3. Data

Understanding user behaviours through location tracking provides invaluable data that can be used to maximise the users experience and develop enhanced flow management and information delivery strategies.

4. Increased engagement

User engagement is increased via the digital space to promote vital information such as new products/services, timetabling and important company news.

5. Impress and inform

Digital wayfinding signage creates a modern contemporary environment through creative design and animation which delivers easily interpreted messaging that impresses users.

6. Flexible and dynamic

Digital wayfinding signage provides organisations the perfect vehicle to effectively present information in a visually engaging style whatever their needs and being digital, with the added benefit that it can easily be branded, scheduled and updated dynamically and remotely.

7. Integrated

Signage can be integrated with the wider communication needs of an organisation providing visual reinforcement at critical points. Information can be updated automatically or manually, quickly and seamlessly across the entire organisation.

8. Inclusion

A well designed digital wayfinding signage solution means everyone can share the same modern and engaging experience with content specifically targeted to key demographic audiences.

The Next Steps

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