Implementing digital signage and wayfinding screens in key traffic areas around a building can ensure people are directed via defined routes. These can be either pre-programmed or changed dynamically to alter the traffic flow at a given time such as arrival/departure or break times, allowing organisations a much more flexible and agile approach to flow management.

When integrated with space management and visitor solutions, these can act as virtual receptionists. On arrival, visitors are greeted by a welcome screen which combined with other digital signage screens around the building, will direct them to their location safely. These solutions can even remind individuals to cleanse their hands, having integrated hand sanitiser dispensers, as well as directing them to areas where there is low workspace utilisation.

Heat mapping

Entering the market more recently are integrated heat mapping detectors within digital signage screens. These could provide vital early warning signs of health conditions that may not even be noticed by the individual. As an employee or visitor approaches a heat mapping enabled digital signage screen, a heat detector accurately detects and displays their temperature. Guidance and advisory notifications can then be displayed as a result and further access to the building limited. 

Technology solutions to social distancing challenges are rapidly emerging and are likely to become integral to the new ‘front of house’ for many organisations.

Digital hand sanitiser

Protecting employees and visitors, this digital solution auto-dispenses hand sanitiser whilst displaying messages on the LCD screen. Wall-mounted and free-standing options are available, which can also be integrated with facial recognition and an infrared digital thermometer.

Hygiene in the workplace is generally expected to be the new norm, even post pandemic. With integrated centrally managed signage, not only can organisations control hygiene at the first point of contact, but also globally disseminate critical information.

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