Manage, monitor and report

These room booking systems make it possible to manage, monitor and report on meeting room use. Staff have the ability in many cases to make reservations from their own online diary from their laptop, tablet or smartphone, removing the need to touch shared booking panels.  

Panels then display a schedule showing times the room is available, when it’s in use and who by, and can be configured to have cleaning undertaken between meetings. In-room technologies and maximum room occupancy can be configured and displayed to show the resources available within each space, thereby setting safety guidelines and maximising resource usage.

Smart occupancy

For ad-hoc meetings it’s easy to visually see which room is available because most systems incorporate a status LED, indicating the current state of availability. This reduces the risk of entering rooms that are already occupied, or using a room which is booked by a colleague or for cleaning.

Across the wider real estate, room and workplace occupancy detection solutions provide accurate, anonymous and real time reports on how and when meeting room and workspaces are being used. Programmable occupancy targets can be configured, monitored and displayed to manage space utilisation, restricting access when full and importantly reporting on under or non-utilisation of spaces that could be reconfigured. These powerful capabilities are set to become vital tools for building/facility and health and safety managers who are responsible for workplaces.

Microsoft Teams Room integration offers the convenience of booking through an app/portal or directly at the panel. This ensures that Teams meetings are effortlessly set up and ready to launch on the device. Additionally, GoBright can automatically include a Teams link in an invitation.

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