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Desk Management

For occupancy management to be effective, it’s important that users can easily pre-book a desk and be guaranteed it’s availability once they arrive at work. With office space becoming a premium resource, effective management to maximise facilities is key.

Users can log in to a remote portal, see availability and reserve their desk online. They can select a desk that best suits their requirements, such as near colleagues, standing or sitting, and the system can even save their preferences so the desk is automatically adjusted for them when they arrive. If they leave early or don’t arrive at all, intelligent sensors can set the desk for cleaning before advertising it’s availability once again.

A discrete LED puc or monitor hook indicates desk status ie, green available, orange about to be occupied, red occupied, purple needs cleaning. Live analytics feed back to facility managers providing insights into office usage, helping them make informed decisions on office layout and investment decisions.

Room booking system

The GoBright system provides a centralised booking system that allows users to select the room they need and book it in advance. If they don’t need it, they can also cancel it immediately to free it up for other people. Everyone can see room availability in real-time, so it allows for last-minute changes to agendas. Better still, the technology allows users to arrange everything else they need for the meeting such as catering, and any audio or visual equipment required.

Facilities Managers can see exactly how and when their meeting spaces are being utilised, adjust maximum occupancy, and can effectively manage their budgets and pinpoint exactly where technology investment is required.

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Centrally managed, the wayfinding technology can not only welcome employees and visitors to your site but can also control the flow of traffic around a building, an important consideration for enhanced staff safety. Furthermore, the system can also show live occupation levels and room availability in one view.

With clear graphics and narrowcasting software, the GoBright system creates a professional, informative and safe welcome for anyone arriving on your premises.

Digital receptionist

The GoBright platform allows visitors to check themselves in as soon as they arrive on your premises. It prints off a badge so they can get into the building and it automatically sends an SMS and email to their host to let them know they’ve arrived. It can also give your visitors directions to their meeting rooms, creating a professional and seamless experience.

Reception staff can spend their time on less straightforward tasks and by simply increasing the number of devices hosting the platform, waiting time for guests can be virtually eliminated. Live data is sent straight back to facility managers providing a clear view of visitors in the building and all of the information held is compliant with GDPR legislation.

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