Why standardise

The time involved in researching, specifying, purchasing, and deploying workplace technology is fast becoming a time burden on many organisations.

As the dependency on technology and the frequency of product updates and launches intensifies, it becomes very difficult for many organisations, across all sectors, to remain focused on their core operational and business activities.

Benefits of standardisation

Defining a set of standards significantly speeds up the procurement of workplace facilities allowing organisations to easily install such technologies organisation-wide.

Wherever an employee chooses to work from they will recognise the technology enabling them to quickly connect, maintenance will be streamlined reducing downtime and training will be simplified and consistent – dramatically increasing adoption, productivity and ROI from day one.

Easy standardisation with Quickfire meeting rooms

Our solution architects have developed a range of meeting room environments called Quickfire. Easy to procure, fast to install and a breeze to support – these environments are configured to chosen meeting platforms such as Teams or Zooms to provide a standardised meeting experience right across an organisation, at any scale.

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