Audio visual service and maintenance contracts

Reputation is something we have built at Visavvi. Being a leader in the AV industry with a ISO accredited team means always being on the forefront with setting standards, rather than following them. That’s certainly true with our flexible audio visual maintenance and service contracts, which we provide with consistent quality and exceptional efficiency.

Our services

Visavvi offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of service and maintenance contracts available. Our 24/7 support provides everything an organisation needs to be confident their audio visual and collaboration technology works seamlessly – and we are here to help if it doesn’t. With geographically dispersed engineers, we’re never far away when you need us most.

  • Helpdesk support
  • Equipment loan
  • Service level agreement
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Incident management
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Embedded engineer services

AV maintenance and service team

Trusted to support

We never forget that we are the people trusted to support business-critical technology assets. Time is always of the essence; a robust response is always needed, and consistent communication ensures excellent delivery. Our dedicated team understand all of that, and we shape our service accordingly. 

Our award-winning portfolio of audio visual maintenance and service contracts is underpinned by our tier-one relationship with global technology partners is unrivalled. We hold the highest accreditation levels, including fast-track escalation direct to the manufacturer ensuring swift resolution of any major problems.

At the time you need help, you can be sure that you’re calling on the most highly-trained and trusted AV support team in the audio visual industry.

AV maintenance and service remote help desk

Return to work post COVID

As organisations start to bring their workforce back, the reliance on technology has increased beyond previous levels before COVID-19. Employees also need to feel safe and confident about their return to the workplace, therefore it is vital to ensure your solutions remain functioning. Visavvi offers a wide range of highly effective AV service and maintenance options to help ensure your meetings happen when and where they are meant to.

AV service and maintenance for an effective return to work 

AV maintenance and service engineer

Visavvi maintenance and service contracts

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AV service and maintenance
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