We have been a leader in the international deployment of workplace technology for over a decade. Our global partnerships comprise some of the industry’s most gifted and exciting professionals, and together, we are passionate about delivering true innovation for our enterprise clients.

Our successful approach to multi-national technology deployment, combined with our dedication to quality, compliance and unrivalled customer experience, attracted keen attention from within the industry. As a result, we accepted our invitation to join the PSNI Global Alliance.

Our global coverage

As a key member of the PSNI Global Alliance, Visavvi will have access to an additional 188 global offices across 49 countries, providing unequalled capabilities to our clients. Wherever there is a need for audio visual, communication and collaboration technology, Visavvi are here to help.

The PSNI mantra is “We make the best even stronger” and we are excited to add our strengths to continue building this goal as a PSNI partner.

PSNI Global Alliance 

A global network of elite technology integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service providers, the PSNI Global Alliance unites industry leaders. Their network supercharges members by extending their reach, complementing their strengths and multiplying their resources; all combined with a commitment to the highest industry standards.

For organisations seeking AV solutions, PSNI affiliation is the ultimate industry credential providing a promise of the smartest solutions, the smoothest installations and the best training, service and support. Learn more about PSNI Global Alliance.

For more information about this partnership and regarding global AV deployment and standardisation, please get in touch.

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