Collaboration: every deployment is different

The strategic choices

AV is a strategic choice for the enterprise, but when a business invests in collaboration, it requires expertise to understand and deliver the right solutions. 

Where video conferencing was once only installed in the CEO’s office or boardroom, it is now affordable for anyone and can be deployed at scale in a business to enable real time collaboration. Collaboration is the major trend across corporates but, there is no definitive definition. Collaboration can embrace not only video conferencing but also all aspects of unified communications, interactive display devices, content sharing between user devices and room control.

Exploring the requirement

As a result, when a customer asks for collaboration, it is essential to explore their specific requirement. We spend much longer understanding their needs, now and in the future as well as the legacy environment. Every deployment is different.

This vital pre-sales consultancy work is done by a dedicated communication and collaboration team at Visavvi. They are not sales people and earn no commission but work with the customer to understand all their needs including logistics, network and software topology and communications requirements.

They also bring together solutions specialists to ensure the technology is well-defined. All aspects are considered up front, from project management to user adoption and training, with specialist partners brought in to ensure the right blend of expertise.

We have to look at solutions that work for the business in all sized spaces from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms. No one system has to work in every space – the same core technologies can be deployed with varying types of AV around it. It is the user interface that needs to be consistent.

Size and expertise matter

Unlike manufacturer-led projects, we are able draw from a range of brands and technologies. We go for senior level accreditation with the likes of Microsoft, Polycom and Cisco to ensure highly-trained and skilled staff provide expertise in key technologies and brands. It requires significant investment on Visavvi’s part.

Our customers benefit because we can match the right products and technologies to their needs and also install and support them nationally from our network of offices in the UK, and internationally through carefully-selected, pre-approved partnerships.

The international factor is significant. Where AV was once treated almost as furnishings put in at the end, it’s now seen as a strategic business tool, integrated on an enterprise-wide and often global basis and as integrators, we have shaped our business to deliver that.

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