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The world of work has changed so much in the last few years, especially in regard to when and where people work. While many businesses have been able to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce costs, by embracing hybrid and flexible working models, there have been substantial knock-on impacts from a technological perspective.

In particular, a new approach is needed when it comes to audio-visual (AV) technology. With employees spread across different locations day-to-day, different innovations are needed so that they can easily communicate and collaborate with each other, regardless of location. This sounds like a simple endeavour to achieve in theory, but can be more challenging in practice.

Why connection and collaboration are vital

Putting the right AV technology in place is more important than you might think. The obvious benefit of improving productivity is well–documented. But the difference these innovations can make actually stretches much further.

With the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, many businesses find themselves at a crossroads with their working model. Some want to stick with widespread remote working, others are keen to encourage staff back into the office all or most of the time, while a hybrid combination is still favoured by a substantial number of organisations.

In the case of the latter two, having the technology to seamlessly move from one working location to the other is a vital part of the employee experience. If employees don’t feel they can be as productive from the office as they can be at home, then they will avoid working from the office as much as possible. This can have long-lasting impacts on the professional relationships and company culture that are best developed in-person, with knock-on effects on employee motivation, and talent retention and acquisition.

The challenges to a successful AV

Every business will already have AV technology in place to a certain extent, from webcams and video collaboration platforms to smart displays and AV-equipped meeting rooms. However, if changes need to be made to enable better productivity in the era of hybrid working, then there are some practical barriers to navigate:

  • Lack of technical expertise: as businesses have adopted more and more AV technology, they often don’t have the in-house expertise or management capabilities to ensure it’s implemented, used and maintained properly.
  • User error: if employees are unfamiliar with the technology, or find it too complicated, then it becomes difficult for them to use it to its fullest extent. Similarly, a lack of IT support for remote workers can also impact their collaboration and productivity.
  • Keeping technology up-to-date: if technology is not kept up to date, then security risks creep in and new innovations can’t be exploited. This can be either through the lack of a proactive update approach, or a lack of time to update technology in meeting rooms that are used at 100% capacity.

Transforming your AV estate with Visavvi

The best way to go about refreshing and enhancing your AV technology is to work with an experienced partner. They can not only connect you to the solutions you need, but also advise on the tech that would meet your specific business needs.

Visavvi solutions, can give you all the help you need with your business AV, including:

  • AV tech installation: we can support you with the discovery, design and installation of all types of AV technology, whether for remote workers, office workstations, meeting rooms and conferencing suites
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts: we can offer comprehensive support and maintenance for your AV tech, including remote helpdesk support, SLAs, preventative maintenance, asset and incident management, engineer services and more.
  • Vantage AV Remote Monitoring: our agnostic, 24/7, real-time remote monitoring platform can keep a close eye on the performance and security of all your AV technology, no matter the manufacturer. This means our engineers will know as soon as something has gone wrong, and can get straight to work rectifying the issue so that your business disruption is kept to a minimum.

With the right technology in place throughout the workforce, every employee can connect with their colleagues, work productively anywhere, and make valuable contributions to meetings wherever they may be. Enhancing your AV estate, and putting in place the solutions to maximise its functionality and reliability, is therefore an important part of growing your business in the future.

Learn more about Visavvi’s AV maintenance and Vantage Remote Monitoring solutions.

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