Elevate Your Team’s Potential with the Surface Hub 3


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, seamless collaboration is the key to success. While remote, office, and hybrid work approaches can empower teams, they can also introduce challenges in staying connected.

Meet the Microsoft Surface Hub 3, your gateway to effortless collaboration and unified experiences. Designed to deliver end-to-end consistency for organizations utilising Surface Hubs and Microsoft Teams Rooms, this device ensures effortless collaboration, overcoming geographical barriers.

Visavvi proudly extends our partnership with Microsoft to introduce the Surface Hub 3 to your business. Together, we envision revolutionising the way people and organisations work by leveraging integrated technology as a catalyst for success.

Simplify and Supercharge Your Business with Surface Hub 3

Elevating productivity is a constant goal, effortlessly achievable with the innovation of Microsoft’s Surface Hub 3.

This cutting-edge device seamlessly integrates console interface, buttons, and screen content onto a single hub screen. Walk into any Teams Room and experience a harmonised, technology-driven environment that enhances person to person and team to team collaboration.

Beyond enhancing user experience, Surface Hub 3’s upgrades streamline management. The Teams Admin Centre and Pro Management Portal enable management of all devices in your organization, fostering unlimited synchronicity.

Transformative Benefits for Your Business and your teams

Effortless meetings for enhanced connectivity:

  • Streamline communication and decision-making.
  • Easily engage in face-to-face calls and collaborative sessions with a 50 or 85-inch screen.

Flexibility and mobility for dynamic collaboration:

  • Increase agility and adaptability in various work settings.
  • Take collaboration anywhere with the versatile Steelcase Roam Stand, providing flexible deployment options.

Continuous Power on the go for uninterrupted workflows:

  • Enhance productivity with uninterrupted collaboration.
  • Stay powered on the move with the APCTM Charge Mobile Battery, ensuring the 50-inch Surface Hub 3 is ready for action in any location.

Inclusive meetings with a touch of elegance:

  • Foster a collaborative and inclusive work culture.
  • Experience high-quality audio and video on the anti-glare 4K PixelSense display, ensuring clear visibility from every angle.

Intelligent Audio Enhancement for crystal-clear communication:

  • Improve communication efficiency in virtual and physical meetings.
  • Enjoy enhanced audio clarity with two microphone arrays, pairs of speakers, and smart AV technologies.

Seamless integration for effortless collaboration:

  • Simplify technology management and enhance scalability.
  • Easily pair Surface Hub 3 with Microsoft Teams Rooms peripherals, expanding collaborative options for larger conference rooms.

Enhanced collaboration with immersive experiences:

  • Boost creativity and innovation through seamless collaboration.
  • Actively participate in collaborative activities with Surface Hub pens and peripherals offering 20 multi-touch points for a realistic and engaging experience.

Future-Proof performance for long-term success:

  • Ensure your technology investment stands the test of time.
  • Experience a 60% increase in CPU performance and a 160% improvement in GPU performance, providing a reliable and powerful platform for future enhancements.

Why Choose Visavvi & Microsoft?

With a proven partnership spanning over 7 years, Visavvi and Microsoft are committed to delivering digital transformation for organizations of all sizes. Our expertise integrates the latest collaborative solutions, enhancing productivity and manageability.

Ready to take your collaborative potential to new heights? Contact our Visavvi experts today and embark on a transformative journey to elevate your team’s collaboration game!

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