Simplify the deployment of workplace technology

The time involved in researching, specifying, purchasing, and deploying workplace technology is fast becoming a burden on many organisations. As the dependency on technology and the frequency of product updates and launches intensifies, it becomes very difficult for many organisations to remain focused on their core operational and business activities.

Defining a set of technology standards organisation-wide significantly speeds up the procurement and installation of these facilities. Rather than reinventing the wheel for each new room with a prolonged procurement cycle, with Quickfire rooms organisations can select from a set number of environments specifically designed to cover their collaboration requirements.

It couldn’t be simpler

Configured with the latest presentation, content sharing and video technology – simply identify your operational requirements, choose the room size, specify any additional extras and rollout standardised meeting environments at any scale from a single room to across your global infrastructure.

  • Small meeting room with wired presentation capabilities (2–4 people)
  • Medium meeting room with BYOD video and audio-conferencing capabilities (6–8 people)
  • Large meeting room with advanced BYOD video and audio-conferencing capabilities (10–12 people)
Small meeting room (2–4 people)
Medium meeting room (6–8 people)
Large meeting room (10–12 people)

People ready from day one

We have worked closely with our innovative manufacturing partners to ensure Quickfire meeting rooms are quick to procure, fast to install and a breeze to support. Our solution architects have been designing, specifying, and configuring workplace AV and collaboration facilities for some of the world’s leading brands for decades. This means deployment is consistent and strategic, and each meeting room is people ready from day one.

Each room can be supported with a AV service and maintenance contract, this can include Visavvi’s Vantage remote AV monitoring, ensuring all Quickfire rooms are fully operational 24/7.

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