Why standardised AV technology is essential for global business

AV technology for easy collaboration

Easy collaboration has never been more important in the business world. It’s always been vital to help employees gain and share knowledge, work together with ease, maximise their productivity and drive growth. However, now that flexible and hybrid working has become the norm, the distributed nature of workforces across different locations at different times has made collaboration a much more complex endeavour.

Audio visual technology is becoming a necessity, but a mix of solutions and platforms can make standardisation difficult to achieve, especially for global business. When employees aren’t able to connect with suppliers, customers, colleagues or information as quickly and easily as possible, then productivity and efficiency are held back substantially. Additionally, Brexit has added further complexity to project management and delivery, where guidelines need to be adhered to more strictly: a more standardised approach to AV tech can help with this particular challenge.

This blog explores the importance of standardised AV technology for easy collaboration, and how to implement it globally to best effect.

Why is standardisation so important for AV technology?

A lack of consistency can impact easy collaboration and productivity in a number of different areas, including:

Management and support: having different platforms in different places around the world multiplies the amount of work that IT teams have to do to keep everything running. It’s much easier and less stressful for them to take care of one platform than several platforms simultaneously.

Training and user experience: if employees visit a new site or start working with a new team that uses a different platform, it will take time for them to get up to speed with the alternative solution. As well as impacting productivity and business performance, it can also lead to frustrating user experiences at a time when they expect their employers to provide user-friendly solutions and services

Scalability: a non-standardised environment can be hard to replicate and scale, especially if it proves difficult to find vendors for specific solutions in various countries where a business operates. While working with new vendors can alleviate some of these issues, there is always an element of risk when expanding a vendor base

What has been holding standardisation back?

There are several different factors that have prevented many businesses from standardising their AV equipment previously. But perhaps the main reason is that while businesses often attempt to specify standards, they then work with several different integrators across a global rollout because they can’t find a single integrator to take care of every territory.

Each integrator then applies their own interpretation and implementation of those standards, which is how inconsistencies end up creeping in. This means that defining standards which are then adopted and supported in coordinated ways becomes very difficult.

Although this may not have been a business-critical problem pre-pandemic, the core need for tech-based collaboration now means that finding a new way to standardise globally is vital. This applies equally to reshaping the AV estate within existing buildings to synchronise with the rest of a business, and ensuring that new physical environments fit in with all those existing sites.

The solution: an integrator with global reach

Turning to a single integrator with the capacity to take on global implementation ensures that consistent standards are baked in, as a roll-out will be planned with wide-scale deployment in mind.

Visavvi, an SCC business, delivers that vital global reach that only a few integrators can achieve. Our team of award-winning specialists are highly experienced in delivering collaboration solutions that meet business demands and consistently scale across multiple sites worldwide.  The environments that we can help design (or redesign) range from individual desks and offices through to large meeting rooms and conferencing suites.

We are a key part of the PNSI global alliance, a select group of highly qualified and experienced partners who collectively help remove client issues and deliver standardised environments for global business, wherever and whenever they operate. While this means an AV technology deployment brings together solutions from several market-leading vendors, we manage the whole project, so that the right solutions are deployed for the right business with standardisation embedded throughout.

Visavvi is your perfect partner for standardising audio visual technology and maximising the efficiency and productivity within your business. Take a closer look at how we can help you here.

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