Convene video conferencing helps Havwoods go global

With offices located in the UK, Europe, America and Australia, specialist wood floorcovering experts Havwoods found Visavvi’s video conferencing platform Convene to be the perfect fit for ensuring seamless communication between their teams, suppliers and clients. 

We would highly recommend the Convene platform as it is so simple to use yet it has helped us tremendously on our way to digital workplace transformation. We needed unified communications and Convene was the product that fitted perfectly.” Edward Eagle, Operations Director at Havwoods


Due to the nature of the ever-changing timber industry, quick decision making is essential for the company’s progression. As Havwood’s offices are so geographically dispersed, the barriers were proving to be a significant challenge for communicating across the business. Havwoods approached Visavvi to provide them with consultancy and recommendations to guide them through the digital transformation of their business.


Following detailed consultation, it became clear that Havwoods needed a scalable, easy to deploy, simple to use solution. Implementing Visavvi’s cloud video conferencing service was the clear solution. Chris Rawden, our head of communication and collaboration said, "After consulting Havwoods and considering all of their requirements, we decided to implement our own VC platform Convene, as it has great flexibility." Convene allows the client to have the ultimate agile visual experience when in meetings. They can share desktops, images and connect from any device. As well as communicating with suppliers, the platform enables the users to connect internally and externally in a completely seamless fashion – all of which can be done with the click of a button.


The IT resources required by Havwoods to deploy and manage Convene into their global estate were minimal. Operations Director Edward Eagle was extremely impressed with the speed in which our team were able to enable the service across all of their offices. "From the initial consultation and trial through to selecting Convene took just a couple of weeks, and from order to implementation and active company wide use was just a couple of days."


As a subscription-based service, consumption models are extremely flexible and allow Havwoods to increase or decrease their capacity at any point. The extensive capabilities allow any VC device, laptop, tablet or smartphone to seamlessly connect in HD video and audio from anywhere in the world. Havwoods head of IT Alex Warburton commented, “With 120 members of staff globally, we are now able to send links to video conferences with ease, and all parties connect. The up time and availability is brilliant and we have had no issues or problems.” The company are now using the Convene platform for 10-12 hours of successful meetings per day, demonstrating the flexibility and simplicity of the service. This not only reduces decision making timescales, it also tremendously lowered travel costs, accommodation and lost productivity time.


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Convene helps Havwoods go global
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