Poly collaboration technology

As modern businesses embrace the open-plan office, 99% of employees are said to be distracted during their working day by other colleagues. The latest devices from Poly allow colleagues to harness the power of collaborative working, yet significantly reduce the distractions associated with the open-plan office environment. 

Poly desk phones

Over 70% of all phones deployed globally for Skype for Business are Poly devices. That’s because they are designed and engineered to maximise the Microsoft enterprise voice environment. With Visavvi, deployment is fast, integration is effortless, and interoperability is assured. With unparalleled selection and performance for whatever your business needs, you need look no further than Poly. 

  • IP conference phones with multi-directional mics
  • 360 degree cameras with active speaker tracking
  • Installed voice solutions that support ceiling microphones and multiple speakers
  • Award-winning noise-blocking technology
poly desk phones

Poly headsets

The Poly family of headsets are designed with today’s business professional in mind, enabling rich audio connections no matter how or where your choose to work.

The Poly Voyager family of Bluetooth wireless headsets provides seamless, multidevice connectivity for today’s workforce. The Savi family provides a selection of DECT wireless headsets that offer best-in-class sound quality and device connectivity, long-range and hands-free mobility and hours of talk time for maximum efficiency. And the highly successful Blackwire family provide a broad selection of corded UC devices that deliver outstanding audio quality and reliability, ease of use and price points to meet any budget.

poly headsets

Poly huddle solutions

The way people work is changing. With the growing trend of open workspaces and the rising business costs, fewer individual offices exist. Thus, a growing number of huddle rooms are emerging. By 2022, 70% of video conferencing meetings will take place in huddle rooms (Frost & Sullivan, 2018).

Huddle rooms are becoming a hotbed for ideation, collaboration, and productivity. Executives agree - citing accelerated decision making and improved productivity as the foremost benefits of video conferencing. Poly’s huddle room solutions are purpose-built, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience that will drive small group productivity and encourage team agility.

poly huddle solutions

Meeting room solutions

With the Poly HP Skype Room System you now have flexible options for native Microsoft video meetings. The Polycom HP SRS Bundle combines the familiar Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business experiences on the HP Elite Slice with exceptional audio and video quality. A familiar user interface, touchbased operation and Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business workflow make it easy to use. Legendary Poly voice and video solutions enhance the overall meeting experience in the room and for far-end participants HP Elite Slice G2 Audio Ready is simple to install, and its modular design allows the PC to be VESA-mounted under the table. An always-on device that automatically wakes up the displays when it detects people in the room.

poly meeting solutions

Bridging platforms

RealConnect is a video interoperability solution designed for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business users so that they can easily connect traditional video conferencing systems to their meetings. By leveraging native Microsoft workflow, it makes conference calls between standards-based video endpoints and Microsoft clients simple. Available as a cloud service or as a supported use case for on-prem collaboration infrastructure. RealConnect delivers familiar and consistent experiences that users love while enabling flexible deployment options that IT Directors crave.

poly bridging platforms

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