Igloo immersive workspaces

Deliver augmented and virtual reality directly into your meeting spaces and step into the next level of collaborative working.

Immersive working

Whatever you want on the walls, you can have it. Launch and run everyday apps in real-time – present, work and explore seamlessly across up to four walls with you and your colleagues in the centre. A physical VR experience that can be shared.

There is no need for a huge fit out either: irrespective of size or shape, Igloo technology can be retrofitted in existing meeting and office spaces, delivering the future of collaborative working directly into your workplace.

Igloo immersive workspaces

Making the office the obvious choice for collaborative working

Igloo is perfect for today's hybrid workforce where the office’s core function is collaboration. Technology agnostic, users can log in to their day-to-day working environments such as Teams or Google suites, dial-in remote workers and pull up multiple content streams simultaneously to work in the most inspirational collaboration environment possible. Navigation is easy too, either by a motion-tracked VR wand, voice and gestures, or even using a smartphone as a controller.

Presentations, team briefings, project updates, brainstorming or training sessions – Igloo immersive workspaces dramatically increase workplace productivity, making a trip to the office the obvious choice.

Igloo immersive room

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