AV as a Service

AVaaS from Visavvi makes it simple, quick and easy for organisations to access audio visual and collaboration technologies and services through subscription rather than capital purchases. This enables organisations to optimise budgets, whilst gaining access to the very latest technology.

How AVaaS works

Clients can acquire the equipment and services they need for an easy to manage fee. This can be done at any scale; from a single room installation, to an entire global AV infrastructure. Visavvi will be responsible for the entire life cycle of the technology - removing the burden on internal resources.

  • The latest communication, collaboration and digital workplace technology
  • Installation, configure and basic user training
  • Responsibility for the technology including any monitoring and maintenance
  • Recommendations for upgrades and further solutions
How AVaaS works

Capital stability

If you need to upgrade or add additional technology and services to align with business demand, we can scale your payments accordingly - providing financial flexibility with predictable, affordable payments.

  • Reduced hardware depreciation and equipment ownership risk
  • Achieve tax benefits by deducting lease payments as an operating expense
  • Minimise disposal costs by off-loading environmental/WEEE liability to Visavvi


All spaces will be installed, managed and serviced by our Visavvi team - meaning once you have deployed one AVaaS solution for your organisation, it’s much easier for you to duplicate that solution in multiple spaces across your entire estate or corporate campus.

  • Global standardisation
  • Rapid and efficient deployment
  • Strategic asset management
AVaaS scalability

Circular sustainability

With an increased focus on equipment sustainability and environmental responsibility, AVaaS ensures equipment utilisation continues well after it is decommissioned by the primary user - usually re-purposed to organisations within the UK and Africa. We take care of the whole process - reducing costs to all technology users.

  • Refurbished and recycled to the latest software
  • Securely erased
  • Increased corporate responsibility
Circular sustainability

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