Steve Gore-Browne Celebrates 35 years

Congratulations Steve!

Back on 23 August 1987 Rich Astley was number one with Never Gonna Give you up and a fresh-faced junior sales trainee walked in the door of what was Saville Audio Visual for the very first time.

35 years on and that enthusiastic junior sales trainee is still as enthusiastic, driven, focused and passionate as ever about helping his clients with innovative technologies to help solve their business challenges.

Steve Gore-Browne has been and remains a critical influencer in our business. He leads his client through a complex range of technologies to help their workplace environments.

In addition to his role as Account Manager Steve has been responsible for our projection and display screen product management. This has helped Visavvi work with key partners such as Epson, Panasonic, Sahara, NEC and many, many more.

Steve is held in very high regard by all his colleagues at Visavvi, by all the suppliers who have worked with him closely and importantly by his long standing and new clients.

Colin Etchells, Technical Director, Visavvi congratulated Steve saying “working in a sales driven role for 35 years takes some doing, to remain at the top of the league for all those years is exceptional, just like you”.

Congratulation from all your friends at Visavvi.

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