Mandy Bower Earns PSNI Global Deployment Certification

Mastery of global audio-visual deployment practices

Mandy Bower, Visavvi Head of Operations, has received PSNI Global Deployment certification – a fantastic achievement to start 2021. PSNI are a global alliance of elite technology integrators and manufacturers – therefore a high standard of operational service is crucial. This highly regarded certification means that clients, no matter what region or country they are located in receive a very high standard of operational management.

In order to become certified for Global Deployment, Mandy successfully passed an exam that demonstrates mastery of global audio-visual deployment practices – covering a range of skills including end user training, design, meetings and much more. Her ongoing commitment to delivering the highest operational and administrative experience to the end user to ensure that communication and information is passed smoothly and efficiently. This then gives the client and the PSNI partner the best experience possible during their installation.

This follows soon after our Head of Global Strategy Elliott Moores received this industry leading certification – confirming Visavvi’s dedication to providing the most competitive integration service in the country, on a global scale. 

As a highly valued and experienced member of the Visavvi team, we’re extremely delighted to share that Mandy has been certified for Global Deployment by PSNI. She has never failed to go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality service to our clients, and we look forward to practising this globally across 170 offices around the world.
Visavvi Technical Director Colin Etchells
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