Virtual tour of the award winning AV installation at Durham University

Award winning

We are extremely delighted to announce that our latest cutting-edge installation at Durham University has been awarded by Audio Visual Technology Europe as the Education Project of The Year. The £40m Lower Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre is one of the UK’s largest deployments of AV over IP and has gone on to transform the way the staff and students at the University collaborate.

The new centre at Durham University, which is famously credited as one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, required a highly sophisticated 21st-century system that enhances the students’ learning experience, whilst seamlessly integrating with existing technology throughout the rest of the campus.

“It’s been arguably the most ambitious IT development project the University has ever undertaken… and it’s left us in the position that we have a real flagship development, not just for Durham, not just for the UK higher education market, but something that has a global presence and importance. We couldn’t have done that without the expertise and professionalism of the Visavvi team.” Dr Crispin Bloomfield, Director of IT Operations

Perfect solution

Our expert team devised a perfect solution that handles more than 19,500 possible input and output configuration combinations, providing a powerful platform that allows for the modern way of teaching the renowned University needs. Part of the installation included two large lecture theatres, which houses a 11.4-metre-wide projection screen, the largest ever installed by Visavvi.

Since September, the benefits have been tremendous: from the ease of use and adoption for all users and enabling further income through the flexibility of use, to allowing the University to successfully test new teaching methods and challenging the barriers of the traditional learning environment – all proving to be a testament to the endless capabilities of AV over IP and forward-thinking technology.


“We are delighted with the result which offers a truly state of the art building for our clients at Durham University. Being recognised with the Best Education Project of the Year award is a total honour and I’d like to thank the team at Durham for the courage and commitment to entertain the idea of one of the largest AV Over IP installations in the UK”. John Andrews, Visavvi Account Manager.

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