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Business telephony has been in a state of constant evolution over the decades. But the sudden move towards video calling and remote working during the pandemic and beyond has accelerated the rate of change.

This has placed numerous pressures on businesses, and not only because they haven’t had the corporate hardware and software to enable these kinds of communications. It’s also made the overall task of managing comms and telephony much more difficult, because of the ever-changing combination of some employees working from the office and others working remotely.

Ultimately, employers and employees expect to have the full functionality and flexibility to contact anyone they need to, at any time, on any platform, wherever and whenever they’re working. The best way to achieve this is through cloud telephony, which gives you the ability to connect to a cloud service to enable your employees to communicate from anywhere in real-time.


  • Hybrid working: ensuring that every employee gets full access to communications services, whether working in the office, across multiple offices, or at home, with no difficulties or disruptions in transitioning from one working location to another.
  • Employee churn: keeping employees satisfied with experiences and technologies, so that they don’t find their jobs unnecessarily stressful and feel like leaving for an alternative employer. This can generate more business disruption and extra costs in replacement and training.
  • Equipment support: delivering easy communication across every type of device, including fixed PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and any personal devices used for business activities, even under a BYOD set-up.
  • Security: extending visibility, security and management of all communications services across all platforms and devices, so that the business can retain control, maintain compliance and keep sensitive information safe.

How we can help

Visavvi can provide a comprehensive cloud telephony solution that can be tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of your business and workforce.

We start with our consultancy services, so that we can understand the challenges you’re facing, and the objectives you are aiming to reach. With those established, we can then build your cloud telephony solution, which will minimise the amount of physical infrastructure you need to procure and possess.

We’ll then implement your solution, obtain all the necessary licences you need, and deliver ongoing support and management that keeps everything running smoothly. And as our cloud telephony service is provided through a subscription-based financial model, you can get financial certainty that helps you budget for your comms needs with confidence.


  • Automation: we can help you deploy innovations such as voice recognition, chatbots and artificial intelligence, meaning any simple or repetitive queries can be handled by our system, freeing up your staff to focus on more valuable work
  • Improved security: our encryption technologies ensure that calls can’t be intercepted, while ensuring that all calls are traceable and recordable for reporting and analytics purposes.
  • Cost-effective solution: your entire package will be delivered for a single, consistent monthly fee that encompasses all your calls, connections, licences, updates, innovations and support services.
  • Ease of use: whether using a landline telephone, laptop or mobile, your users will be able to easily connect to the business voice system from any location and at any time, maximising their collaboration and productivity.

Learn more about Visavvi Cloud telephony

Download our brochure to explore our Cloud telephony services in more detail, and discover the options that can make our solutions the perfect fit for your organisation.

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