Signagelive and Visavvi serve up a fresh experience for Tossed

Benefits of dynamic content

The 65in portrait screens are used in-window for advertisements and promotions to capture customers’ attention with dynamic content/videos and some of the smaller screens are used in landscape format to show digital menus.

Using the Signagelive platform, Tossed is able to publish dynamic marketing content to the large digital screens for displaying and updating menus and promoting both large and small-scale marketing campaigns. Signagelive was chosen because the company’s franchise partner Welcome Break was already successfully using Signagelive in its stores.

Lisa head of creative, Tossed, says: “We were previously using printed vinyl window graphics, which were expensive to install and time consuming to change. We wanted a faster, easier-to-update solution which also complimented our new in-store digital ordering technology. We compared the cost of installing printed graphics and the potential increase in sales from having the ability to update our marketing campaigns much more quickly and responsively.”

Some of the main pluses of the system highlighted by Tossed include quick response to technical enquiries and support, as well as the ability to schedule playlists for different times of the day, for different stores allowing the marketing to be very targeted.

Lisa says: “In particular, the ‘recurrence’ function allows us to advertise our daily ‘Half Price Half Hour’ promotion, tailored to the varying opening times of each store.”

Instant content

As for advantages in terms of the Signagelive platform, Tossed likes the ability to update marketing campaigns more or less instantly and to display various content, rather than just one fixed printed graphic. The company can also remotely control and update the menus when necessary and also schedule menus for different times of the day so they automatically switch over.

John Andrews CTS, technical sales manager, Visavvi, is also positive on the attributes of the solution “Content can be created using the Signagelive portal from any web connected device, so content can be delivered quickly to the screens once installation has been completed.”

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive, adds: “In addition, our ability to deliver layered image, video and HTML5 content allows high quality visuals to be combined with dynamic product and price updates from Point of Sale systems or even just a spreadsheet.”

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