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Omega wanted to create a collaboration space where they could deliver briefing, training and demonstrations to showcase their extensive range of kitchens to prospective clients. The space needed to adapt to a range of uses including product launches, seminars and training sessions. “The previous facility used simple projectors that had no real ‘wow factor’. We needed to create an environment that reflected Omega as a premium market leader and would impress our clients even before we started our training and presentations”, says Chris Blackham, Omega PLC’s Head of Marketing. 

What stood out for me was the service; the team were attentive, professional and a pleasure to work with from the very start. Steve’s consultation was incredibly beneficial to us and the engineers worked quickly and professionally to ensure the project was delivered on time.”
Chris Blackham, Head of Marketing at Omega PLC

Drive for quality

Omega approached Visavvi with the brief after numerous recommendations from peers within the industry, who spoke highly of their experience and success of working with Visavvi. 

As Omega standards of workmanship are extremely high, they required a technically advanced, easy to use facility that also included high quality woodwork housing the AV equipment. “We looked into several different suppliers before choosing Visavvi, who were able to offer ‘a complete integrated solution’, without having to rely on third party partners. From the first initial meeting, we were very confident that Visavvi would be the right choice”, says Blackham. 


Visavvi sales manager Steve Gore-Browne said, “After a site visit to the review their facilities, it soon became clear looking at their vision that simply replacing the existing projector and screen was not going to give them the visual impact that they needed.”  

“Steve was able to give honest guidance about what would work for us within our budget and tight time frame. We felt he really wanted to do right for our business and listened intently before proposing the right solution”, says Chris Blackham.  

To ensure Omega Kitchens had a thorough understanding of what we were proposing, they were invited to our York experience centre for live demonstrations from our expert team. The client was able to go back to the Board and present the project with full confidence in the products needed to give the ultimate experience in their new academy room.   


To create the highest level of visual impact, an energy efficient LED video wall in 2×3 format was recommended. Using the 3.5mm ultranarrow bezel monitors gave Omega ultra-sharp, vibrant content with flexible source content connectivity and super reliability. This was complimented with an 86’’ inch touch screen monitor with 365 integration, featuring two wireless click-to-connect buttons for laptops. With Clickshare, facility users can interact seamlessly with displayed content and can connect with one click and share instantly, without the need for training.  

A bespoke lectern houses a touch control panel for selecting multiple input sources and microphones allowing the user to have full connectivity with the screen, audio and lighting seamlessly. A sound field system was installed to optimise speech clarity, supported by numerous high-power discrete corner speakers.

To finish, we provided a range of bespoke tables so that the room could be reconfigured to meet the flexibility required in the multi-purpose room. This allows for seminar use as well as internal training; providing the client with the ability to easily demount and store the furniture when not in use.

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