AV integration for Euro Auctions

The winning bid

It was the strong reputation we hold as industry leaders in AV that led Euro Auctions to enquire about facilitating their Leeds site with cutting-edge technology. Following an initial meeting and detailed consultation, our team of experts were quick to make the clients vision a reality. The brief was clear from the start: To provide a professional AV solution that enables live content display alongside live real time bidding information. It was essential that the screens were bright enough for outdoor use, high-definition and with low reflections – so the bidders are able to clearly read in full daylight.  

“It was a fantastic project to work on, but not without its challenges. The viewing areas are exposed to all types of extreme weather’’, explained Visavvi Account Manager, Steve Gore-Browne. ‘’The environment is also extremely dusty and sees a vast amount of industrial plant and agricultural equipment auctioned to a very demanding audience.’’ The solutions were specifically tailored to adapt to the challenging environment, producing seamless results. 

Expert partnerships

Given the external location, we commissioned our partners Unicol to create tailor-made mounting solutions to house and protect the screens. The bespoke mounts allowed the screens to be installed directly in eyeline of the attendees, providing clear and dust-free visual access to the vehicles they were bidding on. 

Agile audio systems

Another essential component at the very core of the environment is to have high-definition audio that can relay crystal clear messages in extremely loud and crowded spaces. Auctioneers speak at such a fast rate that even a small delay could prove very costly for all those involved in the bidding process. The speaker locations had to be carefully calculated so that echo and feedback from the microphones was completely eliminated. The system featured back up power supplies and amplifiers, ensuring that in the rare event of failure, the auction could progress as normal.

AV over IP

As the Leeds site has three auction halls each with its own viewing area, multiple source PC’s needed to be incorporated into the system to allow for a remote auction van as it toured around the vast site and relayed live audio back to the halls. For maximum flexibility, the solution was designed around Extron’s AV over IP platform. This allows for any video and audio content to be routed to any of the three halls using a custom designed touch screen interface. In total, 19 screens, 24 speakers and 12 microphones were managed and distributed, all easily controllable by the client. Visavvi Project Manager James Howson said, ‘’It was an interesting project to work on, not only because of the unusual environment – but also the nature of what Euro Auctions do. On the first day of use I saw millions of pounds worth of equipment sold, just within the first hour. It’s moments like this that make you realise the positive impact our solutions bring, and also how reliant organisations become on them.’’

Groundbreaking programming

Significantly, following the hugely successful delivery of the project, Extron asked Visavvi to send them details of the system programming. ‘’This complex system required very careful programming by the specialist engineers we have at Visavvi’’, explained Visavvi Technical Director, Colin Etchells. Once reviewed in the USA, it was reported back that it was one of the most comprehensive and well-constructed programmes that they had ever seen.

Looking forward

The client was so happy with the incredible success of the first instalment at Euro Auctions that they have already engaged in Phase 2 of the project with us, which will allow them to introduce even more complex requirements. ‘’This will allow us to seamlessly integrate these requirements within the original solution at little extra investment’’, commented Brian McCabe, Global IT Manager at Euro Auctions. 

The delivery was first class from the scoping exercises, through the tendering process up to and including the installation and support provided at the first event to ensure everything went smoothly.
Brian McCabe, Global IT Manager – Euro Auctions and Yoder & Frey


The delivery was first class from the scoping exercises, through the tendering process up to and including the installation and support provided at the first event to ensure everything went smoothly. The cutting-edge technology used has allowed Euro Auctions a hassle-free event setup with a virtual plug and play solution being used with minimal interaction required by the Euro Auctions staff. It is testament to Visavvi that they were able to deliver a solution which met the audio, visual and the network needs of the company seamlessly, in an arena and site area with many potential obstacles to contend with. 

I would highly recommend Visavvi as a partner and have to thank both Steve, James and the team for their patience, understanding and professionalism during the delivery of the solution. I look forward to working alongside them in the future. 

Brian McCabeGlobal IT Manager – Euro Auctions and Yoder & Frey

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