Dispersed workforce

You might not think of it in this way, but chances are your business has a dispersed workforce. It’s obvious if you are a global business with multiple locations and offices. But these days, the rise of home-workers, anywhere-workers and the reliance on external business partners means seamless communication technology has never been more crucial. 

Thankfully, collaboration for Visavvi is more than just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. Our specially-trained and dedicated collaboration team will listen to your business challenges and objectives, call upon proven experience, and then create workspace environments for both physical and virtual collaboration.

Communication and collaboration is an ever-expanding area of operation for us and our clients. As well as strategic expertise, we are able to harness an extensive portfolio of products that allows us to apply the right mix of technology for the task.

Take Convene, for example. Now any organisations of any size, at any location, with any number of employees can provide their workforce with the appropriate tools to enable them to consistently meet virtually, any time and from any device.

People remain the most valuable asset for any business – allowing them to easily work together is integral to business success. Visavvi is here to provide the tools to create amazing teams, wherever they are placed. 

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