Video conferencing & collaboration systems

Communication and collaboration means different things to different people. But whatever your interpretation, one thing is for sure. In today’s always-on, always-connected commercial world, it is vital to be able to talk together and work together seamlessly. Businesses that can’t will simply be left behind.

Visavvi leads the field in professional video conferencing and collaboration. We know the technology inside-out, we have close relationships with the leading technology partners and we have unrivalled experience when it comes to implementing solutions that empower collaborative working and ultimately become integral to driving business agility.

Clients come to us with a variety of business and operational challenges. They all have different needs and requirements. Our starting point is always detailed consultation, that way we can get a comprehensive understanding. Only then do we start to think about the most appropriate kit – as we design strategies and solutions to bring their vision to life.

We have longstanding experience of blending technologies from multiple manufacturers. In fact, we have top-level accreditations with leading global names like Microsoft, Polycom, Cisco, Smart, Oblong, Avocor and Logitech and many others. This breadth enables us to be impartial and deliver only what’s right for you. 

The result is a tailored, robust and reliable integrated solution that is easy to use for business-critical collaboration. And that is what helps our clients to prosper across offices, across borders and across the world.

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