Networked AV

The term networked AV describes the transfer of audio, video and interactive content across IT networks. Visavvi pioneered early adoption and we remain experts in the field. We know how to apply networked AV in powerful ways that bring real operational benefits to our clients.

With the Internet of Things becoming a reality, more and more devices are network-connected. That’s all very well, but the real benefit happens when we harness the full capabilities of IP networks. Business starts delivering real time content anywhere within their organisation; and are able to monitor and manage it remotely with incredible efficiency.

In the meeting environment, our clients have the ability to wirelessly share content the moment they walk into a room, that’s become the norm – as has the power to remotely reserve rooms and start video and collaboration meetings at the touch of a single button.  

Today, digital signage solutions can instantly share the latest content and news feeds to thousands of remote devices from a central point. Business-critical messages and information is delivered instantly. With our deep understanding, we’ll ensure that systems are correctly configured to maximise use of the network resource – and avoid problems that can cause major disruption across IT networks.

Business agility is no longer about moving people from one location to another. It is about moving content to where it’s needed, when its needed. We’ll advise you impartially and pragmatically, to make sure your system delivers maximum benefit, while safeguarding the stability of your IT network. Networked AV makes connecting everyone and everything, possible and the Internet of Things a reality.

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