Visavvi era has started!

On Monday 3rd of Spetember, we launched our new brand. Saville Audio Visual AV/IT Solutions is now Visavvi. This is the new era of Ingenious Business Collaboration.

Our new era

Andy Dyson, joint managing director of Saville Group, said: “The Saville name has been associated with industry leadership for five decades, but we were keen to give Visavvi a platform of its own and the freedom to concentrate absolutely on business collaboration."

"We are proud to be working with so many hugely successful clients across the corporate, education, healthcare, public and government sectors and look forward to building on this under our new name and identity."

"Visavvi will continue to play a leading role in the world once known as ‘audiovisual’ – now a fluid meeting point of converging tech and business collaboration. At our heart, Visavvi exists to provide not only excellent solutions and collaboration for clients but, through our first-rate and highly trained team, we will seek to advise, inspire and accelerate business success for clients in an industry which is continually evolving.”

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