Digital workplace agility

As the modern workplace rapidly becomes a fusion of IT, AV and software, the opportunities to provide our clients with an unrivalled range of services has been expanded. We are excited to welcome news of a new partnership with Microsoft World Partner of the Year CPIT, a key addition to our workplace enablement portfolio.

By combining the core strength, capabilities and reach of our respective organisations we are able to enable and prepare today’s businesses for tomorrows challenges and opportunities. Delivering a modern digital workplace is our mantra and we are focussed on helping business leaders to create dynamic and agile workplaces that support growth and success.

CPIT are leaders in modern workplace tools, creating and integrating the latest technology to power Digital Culture within the workplace and facilitating new ways of working for businesses. The nirvana of increased productivity, vibrant company culture and flexible, remote working that allows people to work anywhere at any time is a reality based on the latest cloud technology and as partners we have a unified goal to delivering this.

“Our partnership is one borne out of a shared desire to support our joint clients in harnessing the powerful collaboration potential offered by Microsoft Teams” explained our head of collaboration and communication Chris Rawden. “The Covid -19 pandemic has created a whole new world for many organisations across the globe. The combined technology, attention to digital culture and AV components provided through our partnership, will support clients in their journey to a new, improved normal.”

This exciting new partnership with Visavvi, alongside our new Microsoft 365 Business Voice offering, means organisations will  have access to the full spectrum of Teams services. Visavvi’s track record in delivering the right client solution backed with excellent customer service are a perfect match for us, and through this partnership we’re looking forward to helping clients achieve greater success through technology, which will continue to play a huge part in all our futures.”Mark Holland, Marketing Manager for CPIT
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