Coronavirus and video comms – the rising demand

As the COVID-19 outbreak has swept its way across the globe, self-isolation and social distancing may well become the new ‘norm’ for the immediate future. Organisations are now formulating precautions plans to adapt – asking employees to work from home where possible and introducing video communication in order to maintain operations. It has been suggested that this could soon apply for a large majority of the country's workforce, with only key workers going out to fulfil essential roles. Governments across the globe are reliant on video collaboration solutions to coordinate national and global responses to the outbreak and its now common place to see journalists scrutinise officials over cloud-based video services.

The UK government have strongly advised against all non-essential contact and are encouraging social distancing to help flatten the curve – reinforcing the concept of using video as an effective alternative. From this instruction, harnessing the infinite capabilities of video communications has already resulted in a significantly increased demand for usage.  

As the world adjusts to social distancing, creating virtual meeting environments allows for organisations to ensure business continuity. From daily briefings between colleagues to senior board meetings, the ability to have efficient and productive discussions is a testimony of the trust in the capabilities that video conferencing has to offer.

With more and more organisations transitioning to remote working, our own video conferencing platform, Convene from Visavvi, has expanded its capacity by 280% for both new and existing users - allowing our clients to seamlessly collaborate without putting themselves, or others, at risk. The highly secure AES encrypted cloud-based service enables users to collaborate at the click of a button, no matter where they are or what platform or device they are using. 

We understand the major challenges this will bring to businesses across all sectors, and our team of collaboration experts will be here to provide support. If we can help, please get in touch:

We are proud to be able to support organisations with their collaboration challenges during this critical period for communications."Visavvi Head of Collaboration, Chris Rawden

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