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We are hugely proud to announce that Ann Pickard, Visavvi Group Service Director, has received PSNI Global Deployment certification. Ann is the third person at Visavvi to be awarded this highly renowned certification in as many weeks. Following intense self-guided training, Ann sat the required examination and passed with flying colours helping to further strengthen our commitment to PSNI and our focus on delivering world class services to our clients, regardless of location. 

So, what does this mean? With a PSNI Global Deployment Certification, customers can receive a standardised approach – regardless of where they are in the world, or where their project is located. If they are working with a PSNI certified integrator such as Visavvi, they have the guaranteed reassurance that every install will be carried out to the highest possible standard, using the same project methodology anywhere in the world. PSNI work across 6 continents, in more than 170 offices around the world – and working in partnership with the fastest-growing premier technology integrators means we are able to access all of this. 

And how do you receive it? In order to be certified for Global Deployment, the individual needs to pass an advanced exam on global audio visual deployment practices. They also need to be highly skilled in several areas: including design, programming, meetings and project workflow to name a few.

By having this certification process in place, our members customers can be assured they’re always going to get the same standardized, superior service from region to region, country to country.”
Chris Miller, Executive Director of PSNI Global Alliance

Elite group of certified PSNI members

“Ann is underpinned by her vast experience in the AV industry. Her dedication to providing the highest-level service that is not only extremely professional but also personal to the client is unrivalled – going on to win industry leading awards for her incredible work. This certification is true confirmation of how Ann never stops doing whatever it takes to continue progressing, demonstrated through our award-winning team of dedicated engineers. We’re extremely proud of Ann for achieving this certification and look forward to what it brings” commented Visavvi Group Technical Director, Colin Etchells. 

Visavvi joins an elite group of certified PSNI members. The Global Deployment Committee holds an annual peer review of each certified member company.

To learn more about the PSNI Global Alliance, membership, or certification, please visit

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