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David Willie, Head of Digital Workplace Consulting looks at the options available for NHS originations following the announcement from NHS Digital to retire their Cloud Video Interoperability service for traditional video conferencing systems

For many years NHS organisations have relied on Videoconferencing technology to communicate, collaborate and to deliver vital services to patients.  From important meetings, and vital training sessions to life-saving MDT’s and remote consultations, videoconferencing technology is as vital as a scalpel for health care providers these days. 

Over the last few years many organisations have moved to the Microsoft Teams platform. Teams provides many substantial advantages over traditional videoconferencing systems, scale, ease of access and it is simple use, being the main ones.  

Teams does not unfortunately work directly with traditional VC solutions. Third party Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) services came to the rescue and allowed standards-based VC systems to work with the Teams platform via the CVI Service.

CVI was a major benefit to organisations that had previously invested in traditional VC environments. It ensured they could continue to use those technologies alongside their new Teams ecosystem. 

NHS Digital who provides all NHS organisations with a CVI service recently announced it would be terminating this service on 28th October 2022. See the official notification here.

This has the potential to be very disruptive to many organisations that have a hybrid environment of Teams and traditional VC. For many, this decision will have implications in the way that they work internally, externally, and how they deliver their services to patients.

In many cases, rooms equipped with VC systems may not be operational. Often these VC systems are part of a more complex audio visual installation and it’s therefore not easy to simply swap out a VC unit for a Teams device. 

Healthcare organisations are faced with the tough choice of stopping the use of these systems or installing a whole new environment alongside a new Teams device.  

Here at Visavvi we have over five decades of experience designing and delivering AV and communication and collaboration solutions for NHS organisations. 

To help organisations overcome this new challenge we offer:

  • A free site survey of videoconferencing environments. This survey will examine your existing facilities, audit what equipment can be retained and repurposed and recommend the most appropriate Teams device to work effectively in the space. We will even investigate if a trade-in discount against your old VC system is available to reduce your costs. Our specialists can then help you plan the installation to minimise the impact of the CVI service retirement whilst futureproofing the new environment. Hand-over training will also be delivered once the installation is complete.
  • A detailed communication, collaboration, and audio-visual consultancy report. One of our specialist Digital Workplace Consultants will undertake a full strategic assessment of your current and future operational needs across your entire estate. 

The report can include all meeting and training spaces, MDT rooms and medical video environments, desktop video, remote/hybrid video, Microsoft Teams ecosystems, telephony, digital signage, room/desk booking, as well as evaluating the network infrastructure and security needed to support the whole environment.

It will also recommend room design characteristics including lighting, acoustics, furniture, and room decoration to maximise the effectiveness of any new solution.

This commissioned report will provide detailed evaluation, insight, and analysis to help workplace managers, CTO’s, Facility, AV and IT managers to implement a holistic technology deployment strategy. Unless specifically requested, it will not include a pricing schedule or a proposal to undertake the work.

What a few of our NHS clients say about working with Visavvi:

James Cook Hospital “Visavvi come along to stakeholder meetings to get an understanding of what our objectives are. They are a really innovative company, and their support is second to none. The Installation, as with all previous Visavvi projects was slick and smooth. The result is fantastic spaces that are practically and visually impressive”

South Tees NHS “Visavvi have changed the way we work. They are professional, they answer any questions, they are happy to carry out demonstrations, nothing seems too much trouble for them and that makes a big difference when you are the customer”

St Leonards Hospice “Ultimately Visavvi helped us finally meet our mission statement. I appreciate how flexible the Visavvi team was, and I look forward to working with them again in the future”

Royal Society of Medicine “The relationship we have with Visavvi removes all the stress because I know I have somebody I have confidence and trust in. I was asked by a peer recently to recommend an AV integrator and straight away I said Visavvi. They asked if I had any more recommendations and I said, “No just them,” that shows exactly the level of trust I have in them”

Talk to the industry specialists to find out which solutions are the right fit for your organisation.

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