Focus on Visavvi apprentice Brandon Ward

In many ways, the AV industry is thriving; technology is constantly advancing, and organisations and businesses all over the world rely on AV systems to function. However, there is another side: Education and training in AV is at an all-time low. Colleges and universities are still failing to present students with opportunities to start a career in AV, and there is currently only one formal course in existence to provide the right blend of skills to take this path.

In order to secure a strong future for audio visual as a growing industry, it is crucial that we increase the awareness of AV as a credible and professional career choice. As we think of the way technology is moving so rapidly, higher education needs to provide global organisations with AV professionals that enable business growth.

We are working with apprenticeship schemes to encourage experience from a younger age. So, when Ricky Smith, a valued engineer at Visavvi, announced he was retiring after a phenomenal 28 years of service to the company – this was a perfect opportunity to bring on board and develop an apprentice.

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