Home working

The majority of organisations have continued to operate through a network of hundreds, if not thousands of small remote offices as people work from home. All the signs are that this looks set to be the situation for some time to come. Providing home workers with viable professional-grade technologies that enable business continuity, presents a range of unprecedented challenges to business leaders. Our Insight feature looks in detail at this challenge and the tools available to enable enhanced home working.

Return to work

For those organisations that are starting to plan and implement return to workplace strategies, whilst adhering to strict government guidelines, many understand that the workplace as we know it must change. With enforced social distancing, reduced capacities, restricted access to shared technology resources and workspaces remodelling the options are seemingly overwhelming in what will become the new normal.

Visavvi is here to help our clients plan, implement and get ready for the return of their most valuable asset, their workforce, with a series of in-depth evaluations of major technologies covering:

Our Insights feature, Reshaping the office environment for COVID-19, also looks at these critical technologies and how they need to be adopted quickly and efficiently to ensure continued business success.

AV as a service

As organisations struggle to reengineer their workplace to welcome back employees or equip their remotely working colleagues, the common challenge is going to be how to finance these new requirements.

At the turn of the financial year COVID-19 hadn’t even been heard of, so myriad of urgent changes that governments around the world are instructing businesses to make were never budgeted for. This at a time when many businesses are struggling with their own income generation so in most cases will not have the capital to invest, however it’s clear they have no choice if they want their organisations and businesses to continue to function.

Keep your business moving forward

Visavvi understands the challenge facing our clients and to ease the situation are now able to offer our entire portfolio of services and solutions ‘as a service’ removing the financial hurdle to get businesses moving again. Alongside traditional capex options, our ‘as a service’ option provides organisations with the ability to get immediate access to the technologies that will be fundamental to their organisations future, while offsetting the costs over a number of predetermined years.

This fully inclusive service includes everything needed; hardware, installation, service and maintenance, all tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and timetable. No predetermined ‘set’ packages, no limited time restriction, no complicated and long drawn out processes. We can help keep your business moving forward.

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